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Last min Preparation tips for Your JEE/NEET Exam Image

Last min Preparation tips for Your JEE/NEET Exam

Tips for making the most of your last 1-2 months time before examination

How you use your last minutes /days before the D day plays an important role in getting desired results

  • Don't let the negativity surmount you; tension; anxiety & peer pressure leads to nothing but failures.
    • What to do? Limit your social engagements specially Digital ones as it leads to more fatigue & at this point in time you should try to save all your energy for exam Preparation.
    • Don't overthink - Focus on preparing for the best shot. Don't make it a matter of Life & death.
  • Don't get obsessed with solving mock papers. Limit your mock tests to 1 to 2 per day & focus on analysis of that mock. This would help you understand your improvement areas & then work on those sections/topics.
  • Stop Discussing your preparation . Its a common tendency in aspirants to discuss the mock papers, results & all nitty grities of preparation. It is only killing your time ;which is flying away now. Instead of doing that just sit down & analyze yourself.
  • Enhance your lifestyle : Meaning eat healthy(minimize junk eating) , meditate for few mins ,get the right amount of sleep. These things eventually help you concentrate better.
  • Last but not the least, be confident & positive. This only increases your success Probability.

    All the Best !

Happy Preparations !

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